Pool Maintenance – Pool Pros – Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

Pool Maintenance

*Prepay your maintenance contract for the season and save 3%!

Trifecta Pool Maintenance Service

$720/4 Weeks (Before Taxes)

Economy Pool Maintenance Service

$676/4 Week (Before Taxes)

Trifecta Hot Tub Maintenance Service

$209/4 Weeks (With Pool)
$366/4 Weeks (No Pool)

Economy Hot Tub Maintenance Service

$180/4 Weeks- (With Pool)
$340/4 Weeks – (No Pool)

Vacation Pool Maintenance Service

$360/2 Weeks (Before Taxes)

*Custom Pricing Also Available

Spring Clean Up

$71 a visit plus the cost of chemicals

Service Guarantee for maintenance customers

Should your pool ever be found in a non-usable condition; Pool Pros agrees to suspend all service charges until such time we return the pool to perfect condition. Not valid at time of initial spring clean up.

Complete visits include:

*All maintenance services require a minimum 8 week contract