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No-Phos Phosphate Remover - 1L

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No-Phos is a naturally formulated pool water additive that removes phosphates from pool water. The existence of phosphates in the water can encourage algae growth as phosphates are nutrients for algae. No-phos is not an algaecide or an algaestat and does not kill algae.

Dosage Chart

Dose per 10,000 gallons (38,000L)

Phosphate Level No-phos Dosage

300ppb or less 250 ml or 8 oz

600ppb 500 ml or 16 oz

900ppb 750 ml or 24 oz

Note: It is recommended that you have your water tested by your dealer who can accurately measure your pool phosphate level

5. With filter running, shake bottle well, and add required dose directly to the skimmer

Note: If DE filter pressure rises above normal range, bump filter per manufacturer's instructions and restart. Repeat until pressure stays in normal range

6. Run filter 8 hours/day for one week or 48 hours continuously without backwashing or cleaning. When phosphate levels are 100ppb or less, begin maintenance with a weekly dose of: Pool Perfect+PHOSfree

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