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Bromine Booster - 100g

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The Bromine Booster assures all available sanitizers in the water will be active Bromine. The result is comfortable, odourless, chlorine free water.

It can also be used in bromine generators such as the Genisis Bromine Generator and the in.clear system. It is a replacement product for the Tru-Blu Sodium Bromide product from Pioneer H2O.

How to Use when establishing bromide reserve

  • Start Up: One the hot tub has been filled with sufficient water, turn on the filtering equipment. Add 50g of Bromine Booster per 1000 litres. Add 120g of Spa Shock per 1000 litres. This will create an immediate bromine residual. Bromine tablets will maintain the bromine level at 3-5 ppm
  • Periodic Maintenance: If during regular use, a bromine level is difficult to maintain, repeat the start up instructions
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